The Butties' Gear: to rock, you need gear.


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When Paul and Sam first got together and harmonized to "If I Fell," Paul was playing a lute, used as a prop in a play Sam and Paul were working on together. When they made the leap from harmonizing as a simple duo to performing in a full-scale Beatles cover band, Paul, Sam, Robbo and Mark entered a wonderful world of drums, keyboards, guitars, PA systems and lights.  The world of...Butties' Gear.

At first, the guys scraped by with whatever they had, and borrowed whatever they didn't have.  Sam was the only one with an authentic Beatles-style instrument: a left handed Hofner violin bass he picked up through the classifieds. It was his one and only bass until he recently bought a duplicate.  Sam's Hofner is the only piece of Butties' gear to have made the nearly 30 year trip along with the band.

Paul's Rickenbacker has been with the band nearly as long.  This guitar was purchased on Erie Boulevard in Syracuse New York in the Summer of 1983, following a series of well-paying (but poorly attended) shows at Mr. C's, a heavy metal club in in Liverpool, NY. Thanks for the guitar, Mr. C.!



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Paul's Gear  Sam's Gear  Robbo's Gear  Mark's Gear