The Butties


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A Short Diversion On Being And The Dubious Origins Of


The following account was originally published in "Mersey Butter," a monthly newspaper for fans of Beatles copy bands and dairy-related snacks:

                                                 Many people ask:
"What are the Butties? Why Butties? Excuse me Butties, how did your name arrive?"
So we will tell you... It came in a vision - a very hungry Englishman, with no mustache to speak of, appeared on a burning slice of bread and said unto us:
"From this day forward you are The Butties with two 'Ts."
"Thank you, Mister EnglishMan", we said, thanking him.  And then we asked,
"What the heck is a Buttie"?
But he had already flown away, and left all the posters already printed.

In England, "buttie" is a sandwich.

The essential ingredients are bread and butter.

Buttie also looks great as a logo!
Toasted. Nicely toasted.

After that, you have a bunch of options, including jam...



cheese buttie!
cheese! mmmm.



Oops ... sorry.  Wrong Bacon.


yes! bacon!

How did the band start?

Once upon a time there were two men whose troubles were Sam and Paul. They decided to get together because they were the getting together type.
When they were together they wondered:
"What for after all, what for?"
So all of a sudden they grew guitars and formed a noise. Strange as it may seem no one was interested, least of all the two little men.
So-o-o-o, they grew a drummer in a Syracuse Stationhouse and he was Christened Robbo. They proclaimed:
"Hello Robbo, come Beatle with us!"

On discovering a fourth little man called Mark running about them, they said (quote):
"Get a guitar and you'll be alright"
He did - and they sat on him with comfort until he could play.

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