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Hey, remember

People are always looking for fun, but lets face it: 1995 was boring. BO-ring! The Internet? Ha, maybe if you were a brainy scientist or highfalutin' governor. The movies ("Congo," "Money Train," "Operation Dumbo Drop") were simply too hard to understand. And believe it or not, there were only 3 creepy reality shows on TV (and that's counting Charlie Rose). No wonder the USA looked across "the pond" in 1995 and went mad for all things Scottish.

So beam us up...

scotty.jpg the Scot-tastic year



February 1995
Bagpipes played on every corner!

April 1995
Rue McLanahan Fever!!

May 1995
Everyone MUST Wear Tartan

June 1995

July 1995
The Butties climb aboard the bandwagon

Then much like the mythical village of Brigadoon, the Scottish craze faded as mysteriously as it materialized...

Happily, this photo has survived the ravages of time to remind us what a wacky world 1995 was.

Coming soon: another exciting episode of ...
Looking Back!

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