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Butties Return To NBC's Scrubs With "Joy to the World"

The December 7th holiday episode of NBC's hit comedy
Scrubs featured The Butties' "Joy To The World" at the end of the show.  Drummer Robbo Morey The lads were again psyched to hear their music on network TV! Last season's finale of Scrubs also featured Butties' music. In early March,the band was asked to play for the Scrubs end-of-the-season Wrap Party in Hollywood. We had a blast...what a party! The producers even wrote into the script a way to include a Butties tune during the final episode. So while we were in L.A., we popped into Lookout Sound and banged out a rockin' rendition of "Eight Days A Week." Sammy and Paul even got to lip-synch to it on camera!

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